World map with arrows symbolizing export and import in world trade

While an annual financial report of a company tells us “how a company has done last year”, trade data provides almost real time “what a company is doing”. Shipping data reveals actual trends about price, volume, quantity, weight, products or product lines, shipments, suppliers, customers, tariffs or tradelanes. This works way better than reading trade journals or following business news.

Trade Data as a Strategic Powerhouse

Shipping and supply chain data reveals real business-to-business transactions, mostly well before financial reports are published. In this way analysts and management are able to confirm trends, detect anomalies, make commodity and country level demand forecasting, or compliance screening and risk assessment.

They can react almost immediately on trends that are important for their value proposition or having impact on their market position.

Especially for startups, trade data offers valuable knowledge to get a foothold in mature markets or build a network to gain market share. But also established companies benefit from trade data as market conditions can change quickly.

Handle Crisis Situations

One example of changing market conditions is the recent price explosion for building materials such as lumber. No one predicted this rapid development and as a result supply and demand are shifting, - leading to a rise in price. This also makes it harder to maintain supply chains and find new suppliers.

At this point, trade data provides an opportunity to find and analyze new suppliers or customers or reveals areas that have experienced imbalances. Eventually, this helps to identify potential demand.

The disruptions of supply chains because of the pandemic will remain for a long time but with knowledge from trade data you can fill those gaps.

Keeping Track with ABRAMS world trade wiki

Our user-friendly interface provides quick and easy analysis of trade data, enabling you to react quickly to changing market conditions.

By providing maximum transparency, ABRAMS world trade wiki makes a valuable contribution, showing decision-makers the basis for significantly improved profitability, while optimizing sustainability.