Explore the World’s Markets with detailed Import-Export Trade Data

ABRAMS world trade wiki is the online source for business intelligence - based on billions of import-export data from various sources. On one side statistical data of official international trade agencies, starting with UN Comtrade (ABRAMS.wiki partner reference) and the World Trade Organization WTO. On the other side more detailed trade data from national trade ministries and customs authorities.
These institutions provide, on the basis of transparency laws, legal access to raw international trade data which are systematically processed by ABRAMS.wiki. We validate, standardize and harmonize these multiple data streams to create a comprehensive information resource covering the import-export trade of more than 190 countries from 2007 to the present. This provides you with information about individual cargo contents, transport logistics and names of suppliers and customers.

Search, visualize and analyze data: ABRAMS world trade wiki makes it fast and easy to

  • conduct sophisticated research into market trends,
  • understand complex trade relationships,
  • share actionable business intelligence across an enterprise, and
  • gain the advantages of uncovering hidden risks and new opportunities ahead of competitors.

Entrepreneurs, business executives, economic policy makers and anyone with a stake in global markets gain timely, strategic insights into international commerce and globally-active companies.