ship in suez canal during a storm

Sandstorm at Night

With the "Ever Given" of the shipping company Evergreen Marine, one of the largest container ships in the world ran aground on Tuesday. After a sandstorm and a power outage, the ship was unmaneuverable and got stuck on the east and west banks, blocking the entire canal ever since.

Crisis for World Trade

The Suez Canal counts for 98% of maritime trade between Asia and Europe, and every third container worldwide passes through it. The accident will have catastrophic consequences for international freight traffic, with more than 200 ships now jammed at the canal, and over 50 more arriving every day - the economic damage is estimated at $400 million per hour in goods.

1869 Trade Routes once again

While tugboats and dredgers work tirelessly to clear the "Ever Given," shipping companies are calculating whether the 9-day bypass via the Cape of Good Hope is profitable. The 7,000-kilometer detour around the African continent would throw trade routes between Asia and Europe back to the pre-1869 era. For the time being, there is still hope that the blockade will soon be resolved.

Further Strains for Supply Chains

Although the impact of the accident is not expected to be felt at a short term, the markets have already reacted: oil prices are already rising and important goods are running short. Pandemic-related supply shortages will be worse and commodity prices will continue to rise.

Contingency Plan with

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