Know your Network

Today, supply chains have become so complex that even entrepreneurs have difficulties to keep track of their goods. For businesses it is therefore key to gain deep insights into their network entangled with countless economic actors. Whilst most of them add value in the supply chain, some traders just buy and sell. The removal of these middlemen is called disintermediation.

Take Measures into your own Hands

A supply chain analysis is decisive to identify possible shortcuts and rate profitability. Intermediaries often rely on an elaborate network of customers and suppliers, buy in large volumes, and plan logistics and storage. So before taking the step to cut intermediaries, entrepreneurs have to face the “make or buy” question: Which of these services can I do on my own? Where do I need to rely on others?

Analyze your Supply Chain

To answer these questions, a deep insight into a company’s upstream and downstream supply chain is required. Therefore, successful disintermediation is only possible with extensive supply chain analysis through multi-tier transparency.

Transparency with ABRAMS world trade wiki

With the new Go Direct function, ABRAMS world trade wiki offers the tool necessary to not only look far beyond tier 1 suppliers, but also unfolds the pricing along the supply chain. Now it is possible to see the margin of your business partners or your competitors.

  • Optimize your supply chain and cut cost
  • Rate your intermediaries and become autonomous
  • Gain a new level of control and get closer to your business partners

Supply chain of a company with intermediaries

Disintermediation is the Future

In addition to profitability, short supply chains can also be more sustainable. With fewer actors along your supply chain, you get closer to your partners, compliance becomes easier to ensure and you can reduce logistical detours. The rising number of sustainable e-commerce start-ups gives a hint how the future of international trade will look like. Transparent supply chains and direct buying seek to prevent violations of human rights or ecological crimes.

By providing maximum transparency, makes a valuable contribution for decision makers in companies and forms the basis for significantly improved profitability while simultaneously optimizing sustainability.