Have the Upper Hand Over Your Supplier!

With our knowledge portal top purchasers identify the best and most reliable suppliers on the world market, their market activities with products and customers.
Result: A full transparency of market and pricing and thus negotiation at the supplier's limit!

Top purchasers always need the latest market and price information.
If this transparency is missing, the best starting position for negotiations with suppliers is missing!

Hand on Heart:

  • Do you always have the best starting position?
  • Do you hit your supplier's pain point during price negotiations?
  • Do you purchase cheaper than your competitors?
  • And: do you know if your supplier is even your own competitor? Is Your Trump Card Up Your Sleeve ...
... Play It Off Now!

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How It works:

Wherever you have an internet connection you always have access to our entire DATA Portal from approx:



data records
and therefore guaranteed unknown insights into WORLD TRADE.

New Suppliers for Your Company

Information on suppliers from Sourcing Intelligence

Are you really sure that your main supplier is always able to deliver?
And if not, would you also not be able to deliver?
Do you even depend on him?

It is better to expand your supplier network to avoid supply shortage:
  • Find new, potential suppliers on the world market.
  • Qualify them according to their
    • delivery reliability.
    • amount of customers.
    • product weight in their portfolio.
  • Filter by supplier country as well as by target markets.
Become independent!

Analysis of Suppliers' and Competitors' International Activities

Do you actually know
  • the real prices your suppliers operate with?
  • to whom they have sold their products so far?
  • what their product portfolio is?
  • whether your suppliers are your competitors at the same time?
And do you know
  • from whom your competitors buy?
  • at what prices they buy for?
Find it out!

Analysis of Competitive Situations

Top purchasers are dealing with these questions:
  • Which customers does my supplier supply with the same product?
  • At what price and in what quantities?
  • When and how often?

  • Does my competitor buy from my supplier, too?
  • At what price and in what quantities?
  • When and how often?
Analyse competitive situations!

Monitor Your Suppliers and Competitors

Laptop and smartphone with
Just between us:

Don't you secretly want to know what business your suppliers and your competitors do, when, with whom and which product?

Do you also want to be informed about it, e.g. directly via e-mail?

The feature Monitoring & Alerts informs you about daily movements of the world market.

Global Trends

World map with emerging and declining export countries from Market Intelligence
You are not alone:

Top purchasers are always analyzing their own industry.

With access to market-relevant data on all products, you get an all-round view of the world market:

  • Follow the development of procurement markets.
  • Identify opportunities and risks on the world market.
React faster to market changes!

Top Purchasers Have As Their Trump Card!

First Place

We are Awarded!

The use of as an innovative support in purchasing was awarded the CiMi.CON "Insights to Action" Award 2019. The ABRAMS group was able to prevail against well-known companies such as Lamb Weston Meijer, Philips Healthcare, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte and AkzoNobel. CiMi.CON Team1st Prize Stamp

Have the Upper Hand over Your Supplier!

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