The new competitive advantage:

  • Develop expertise and skills which are difficult for other firms to imitate or replicate
  • Strategize and reconfigure your Supply Chain network
  • Make sustainable decisions for a multi-tier Supply Chain network
  • Improve Supply Chain performance, efficiency and resilience
  • Analyze, monitor and eliminate disruptive Supply Chain risks
  • Develop unique demand, supply, operational and customer insights
  • Exchange information across multiple supplier tiers
  • Get insights about logistic cost through the entire Supply Chain

Would you like to have a look beyond tier-1?

Opportunities of multi-tier Supply Chain transparency.

Common Supply Chain tools only provide visibility to tier-1 suppliers, and even then full transparency is tough, because Supply Chain data is spread across multiple systems, locations and departments. Further insights downstream are most of the time out of the question.

Identifying risks and opportunities beyond tier-1, which could have a big impact on a company’s business, is normally almost impossible.

Breaking the visibility barrier beyond tier-1 is therefore the biggest challenge of all.

ABRAMS world trade wiki is the first worldwide to develop a Supply Chain tool that gives you a completely new transparency in your Supply Chain network.

For the first time it is possible to look beyond tier-1, enabling you to identify risks and opportunities which are normally unreachable.

You will gain a deep understanding of your Supply Chain and gather information on the practices of your suppliers and sub-suppliers as well as your resellers and their customers.

Supply Chain Intelligence enables companies to anticipate customer demand, gain financial insights across the extended Supply Chain network, improve product quality, optimize Supply Chain strategies, leverage existing information systems, and above all, create value for all who participate in the Supply Chain.

Cutting out the middleman
with “Go Direct”.

The greatest potential for optimizing your Supply Chain is the removal of unnecessary stages that do not add value – the so-called Disintermediation.

Bypass your suppliers knowing their upstream suppliers.

Bypass your customers knowing their downstream customers.

With just one click: Gain unprecedented transparency into your Supply Chain for sourcing and selling with "Go Direct" and use it for the optimization of your business model.

Direct and obvious advantages:

• Lower purchase prices
• Higher sales prices
• Better margins
• Agile Supply Chain Management

“Go Direct” - the Supply Chain Game Changer!

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Witness the power of multi-tier transparency of your Supply Chain network and

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