Find the best international suppliers for your products and analyze them:

  • Which reliable companies sell the products you buy?
  • How often to whom, where and when?
  • Are your products part of their core business?
  • Do they have the right expertise for your products?
  • How many and which customers do they have for your products? And overall?
  • At what prices do they buy? Are you still competitive?
  • Are they still active on the market?

ABRAMS world trade wiki covers the international procurement market and is therefore the best source to give answers to these questions.

Would you like to find the best suppliers?

Sourcing Intelligence, the perfect tool to improve your supply chain by identifying and analyzing suppliers.

Companies / purchasers are offered the following possibilities:

  • Search suppliers by HS code or product term
    Sorting and filtering the results by location, target market, total number of customers or number of customers for a specific product and the meaning of specific products in the supplier portfolio.
  • Evaluate suppliers
    Evaluation based on the size and composition of their customer base, the mix of products they ship, the markets they currently serve, their recent activity or the history of shipments (as of 2007).

Procurement, supply chain management, and logistics strategists use Sourcing Intelligence together with Company Transparency to:

  • identify and qualify new suppliers.
  • monitor potential and existing suppliers through E-mail notification by activating “monitoring and alert” (i.e. receive an E-mail as soon as a supplier has sent a new shipment to one of its customers).
  • build redundancy into supply chains for added resilience when disruptive events occur.
  • check real pricing against current market conditions.
  • identify opportunities to arbitrage differences in costs, supplies, and quality across global markets.
  • support regulatory compliance with transparent views of extended supply chains.

These trade data applications go to the heart of the procurement mission: lower costs and mitigating risks while gaining efficiencies and adhering to performance standards!

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