Find international customers for your products and analyze them:

  • Which companies buy products you sell? And are they loyal?
  • How often do they buy, from whom, where and when?
  • Is your product portfolio compatible and part for their core business?
  • Can you meet their demand, timetable, specifications and standards?
  • How many and what kind of suppliers do they have?
  • At what prices do they buy? Are you still competitive?
  • Can you bundle customer bases to achieve scale effects?
  • Where can you expand globally?

ABRAMS world trade wiki covers the international sales market and is therefore the best source to give answers to these questions.

Would you like to find new customers?

Selling Intelligence, the perfect lead generation tool to take profit of growth opportunities by selling to leading valuable importers all over the world.

Companies / sellers are offered the following possibilities:

  • Search customers by HS code or product term
    Sorting and filtering the results by location, sourcing markets, total number of suppliers or number of suppliers for a specific product and the meaning of specific products in customer’s portfolio.
  • Rate customers
    Rating based on the size and composition of their supplier base, the variety of products they receive, the markets they currently source from, their latest activity or the history of shipments (as of 2007).

Manufacturers, distributors, forwarders, customs agents, investors and many companies from a wide range of industries use Selling Intelligence with Company Transparency to

  • identify and qualify genuine new sales leads based on imported products, sales volume, purchase prices, location, freight and insurance costs, incoterms and more.
  • monitor prospects and existing customers through E-mail notification by activating “monitoring and alert” (i.e. receive an E-mail as soon as a prospect or existing customer has received a new shipment from its supplier).
  • benefit from growth opportunities by selling to major importers around the world.

These trade data applications form the essence of sales: generate new sales opportunities to increase your sales!

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