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  • Which countries export which product classes, quantities and values?
  • Which real companies are behind these exports?
  • Which countries import which product classes, quantities and values?
  • Which real companies are behind these imports?
  • Which emerging and declining markets can be identified?
  • What are the price developments for individual product classes on the world market?

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The key to follow the world’s interrelated markets is import-export trade data, which comes from two sources:

  • Countries keep a balance sheet of their import-export trade. This information is gathered by international trade agencies such as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).
  • Countries also require documents of in- and outbound shipments before they officially cross their borders – in Customs declarations, shipping manifests and bills of lading.

ABRAMS world trade wiki has combined both types of data - the international trade statistics of UN Comtrade and the World Trade Organization WTO, as well as the records provided by governments, trade ministries and customs authorities – and created an online import-export trade database that covers trade activities of more than 190 countries in America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania as of 2007.

Our tools unlock the value of this rich source of import-export trade information for market researchers:

with access to current buying and selling activities, marketers can identify opportunities to enter new markets, map potential market niches, identify prospects and even analyze underperforming products!

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