For example:

  • Quickly analyze trade lanes and find logistics customers with big volumes.

  • Get full transparency of volumes, freight and insurance cost in hundreds of millions of shipments.

  • Get deep insights into your competitors‘ business.

  • Discover multi-modal transport opportunities.

  • Aggregate demand from 3PLs into more efficient volumes for lower rates.

  • Drill down in shipment history and get insight what drives cost and profit within the supply chain.

  • Optimize global routing, scheduling and capacity planning, reduce cost and help to protect the environment.

  • Help your logistics customers to build a resilient and agile supply chain or crisis-proof network.

Would you like to connect the dots?

Globalization – in 2021 the world economy will be more integrated and 3PL logistic companies will be expected to work on a larger scale with a distinctly global outlook. Distribution will expand globally, with more opportunities opening up in emerging markets, including the Far East and South America.

To effectively manage the supply chains and networks of their customers, 3PL service providers need to constantly analyze data and convert it into actionable information.

ABRAMS world trade wiki can help you with an integrated, web based Business Intelligence platform, which enables you to plan, optimize, and execute all services of global trade and supply chain management, like transportation management, warehousing and inventory management.

Keep ahead of your competitors, increase your market responsiveness and evolve e.g. from a 3PL to a 4PL service provider with control and integration function, based on technologies and detailed knowledge to make the best possible analysis of supply chains and networks.

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