Keep your competitive edge with Competitive Intelligence:

  • Does your competitor sell your products to your customers?
  • At what price, when and how often?
  • How is your ranking with your customer compared to your competitor?
  • Does your competitor also buy from your supplier?
  • At what price, when and how often?
  • What is your ranking with your supplier in comparison to your competitor?

Do you want to be stronger than your competitors?

Competitive Intelligence, the perfect tool to get unrivaled insights into the supply chain activities of your major competitors.

Importers and exporters use our service to learn where their rivals are sourcing or selling their products, gaining insights into their import and export volumes, new product releases and more.

Use your competitive advantage by using Competitive Intelligence together with Company Transparency to

  • identify your competition.
  • gain insight into their import and export volumes.
  • monitor their business activities through E-mail notification by activating “monitoring and alert” (i.e., receive an E-mail as soon as your competitor has sent a new shipment to your customer or your supplier has shipped to your competitor).
  • see your customer's purchase price from your competitor.
  • see the sales price of your supplier to your competitor.
  • be informed in time about new product launches and much more.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, an eBay provider or something in between: helps you better understand the competitive dynamics in your industry.

Take advantage of Competitive Intelligence and stay always one step ahead of your competition.

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Monitor Competition with Competitive Intelligence

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