More than 50 consulting, marketing, design and IT specialists work for ABRAMS.wiki


The ABRAMS Group won first place in the coveted "Insights to Action" award with its business intelligence portal ABRAMS.wiki at the CiMi.CON Evolution - Europe's leading conference for corporate intelligence professionals


Registration of a branch office of inigma LLC in Hamburg/Germany.

  • Based in Germany for customer support in Germany/Europe (multilingual customer support with offices in Hamburg and Osnabrück)
  • Market launch of the knowledge portal under the brand name ABRAMS world trade wiki (www.abrams.wiki).

Foundation of inigma LLC (founding state: Delaware/USA, US headquarters: New York):

  • Basis for the development of a worldwide operating knowledge portal for trade data as a partner, e.g. of the United Nations UN, New York/USA
  • headquarters in the USA for the support of customers in North America
  • Originally the portal was to be called INIGMA world trade wiki: Due to a brand conflict this was rejected, there is still the remaining forwarding of the original URL (www.inigma.wiki)

Founding ABRAMS®
Registration: ABRAMS Engineering Services GmbH & Co. KG
Change of Company Name in 2020: ABRAMS Industries GmbH & Co. KG

Founder and managing partner: Dr. Jürgen Abrams