Faster than your competitors!

With just one click, gives top sellers access to thousands of customers, their real purchase prices and quantities from their current suppliers.
Result: Quick increase in customer base and thus in turnover including margin optimisation!

Some people are always looking for excuses. Top sellers, on the other hand, always find new and valuable customers - at lightning speed!

How quick can you

  • find companies on the world market that permanently buy products that you could have supplied?
  • recognize previous suppliers, purchase quantities and purchase prices?
  • immediately determine whether you are competitive in comparison?

  • identify new sales markets that will allow you to achieve significantly higher margins?

With faster than your competitors.

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How It works:

Wherever you have an internet connection you always have access to our entire DATA Portal from approx:



data records
and therefore guaranteed unknown insights into WORLD TRADE.

New customers for your company

Information about customers from Selling Intelligence

Some say: "We have our customers. We don't need any more!"
What if the customers start to disappear one by one?
What if they find a new supplier?
Or go bankrupt?
Go out of business?
Do you depend on an existing clientele yourself?

It is better to expand it - preferably on the entire world market:
  • Search for procurement markets / countries!
  • Sort and filter the results by
    • reference country
    • supply sources of the potential customer
    • product weighting in the portfolio of the potential customer
Become independent!

Analysis of customers' and competitors' international activities

Do you actually know everything about your customers?
  • At what prices they buy.
  • How high their demand is.
  • What products they buy.
  • Which suppliers they have.
Do you know everything about your competitors?
  • What customers they have.
  • At what prices they sell.
  • Which products they supply.
  • Which markets they serve.
Find out!

Analysis of competitive situations

Top seller always want to know:
  • Do my competitors sell the same products to my customers?
  • At what price and in what quantities?
  • When and in what regularity?

  • What percentage of my company's suppliers are my customers?
  • Are there other unknown competitors?
Analyze competitive situations!

Monitor your (potential) customers and competitors

Laptop and smartphone with
Just between us:

Don't you secretly want to know what business your customers and your competitors do, when, with whom and which product?

Do you also want to be informed about it, e.g. directly via e-mail?

The feature Monitoring & Alerts informs you about daily movements of the world market.

New sales markets on the world market

World map with emerging and declining importing countries from Market Intelligence
Top seller also pursue the goal of opening up new sales markets.

At one glance:

  • maintain the global trend development!
  • react to changes!
  • identify countries with high sales potential!
  • find markets with high margin potential!
  • identify price developments for individual product classes!
Open up new sales markets!

With top sellers are always one step ahead of their competitors!

First Place

We are Awarded!

The use of as an innovative support in sales was awarded the CiMi.CON "Insights to Action" Award 2019. The ABRAMS group was able to prevail against well-known companies such as Lamb Weston Meijer, Philips Healthcare, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte and AkzoNobel. CiMi.CON Team1st Prize Stamp

As a top seller with faster than the competition!

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