Privacy Policy


inigma LLC, Am Kaiserkai 1, 20457 Hamburg, Germany (hereinafter "INIGMA", "we" or "us") is very serious about the protection of your data. We process the data collected by our data platform "" about personal, factual and/or professional characteristics of particular or identifiable natural persons ("personal data") as a responsible entity in accordance with the applicable data protection legal regulations.

This Privacy Policy essentially describes,

what personal data we collect through our website and for what purposes we use them (section 2); which personal data we pass on to third parties (section 3); the storage of your personal data (section 4); and what rights you are entitled to and how you can exercise them (section 6). These privacy statements must be read in conjunction with the terms of use applicable to the site.



On this website, we collect, use and manage your personal data only if,

there is a legitimate interest in the operation of our website, in particular for: operation, management and / or administration of our website; billing purposes; technical support of our users; answering questions; the provision of data and / or services intended for you; the implementation of direct marketing measures; the prevention and detection of fraud, serious violations of the terms of use, criminal offenses; and / or the ensurance of network and data security, as far as such interests are in accordance with the applicable law as also respecting the rights and freedom of the user; if you have agreed to the usage for the explicit mentioned legal purposes; and / or if we are obliged to do so for legal reasons. Your personal data includes information such as your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address. Personal data is only collected, processed and/or used if you inform us of your own accord, e.g. to establish, design or change the content of a contractual relationship concluded between you and us or to register for personalised services. In addition, your personal data will only be used if you have given your prior consent.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the Basic Data Protection Ordinance and the Federal Data Protection Act (hereinafter BDSG), in particular

Art. 6 para. 1 letter b DS-GMO, which permits the processing of personal data to the extent necessary for the implementation of pre-contractual measures and the performance of the contract, and Art. 6 para. 1 letter f DS-GMO, which allows processing to protect our legitimate interests, provided that none of your legitimate interests prevail. In addition, personal data will also be processed on the basis of your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time.

Registration, login and usage data

By filling out forms on our website or otherwise providing us previously with the relevant information for this purpose, you provide us with your personal data. These include for example, name, position, company, contact details, such as business email address, phone number and business address, as well as your selected criteria and requirements for specific inquiries or services. We use this personal data to manage your profile and provide you with our website offers, data and / or services. In order to process your inquiries, to settle the services rendered, to support the website users, prevent and detect criminal offenses (in particular fraud) and serious violations against the terms of use, we also store and process information on the start, end, content and scope of use of our website offers.


Insofar you didn't object, and permitted by law, we may use your provided contact details to contact you by telephone or post for advertising purposes of our website or services. We will only contact you for advertising purposes by electronic means (via e-mail or SMS) if you have given your explicit permission. Visiting our website and using our offers are independent from your permission using your personal data for advertising purposes or not.

Consent in specific website offers and e-mail advertising

Your explicit consent declarations are logged and may be requested by you. We recommend you to print the respective declaration of consent for your own documents. You are entitled to revoke consent statements made at any time in whole or in part, with effect in the future, respectively the further use of the data for marketing or opinion research purposes, by sending an e-mail to ikiw.smarba@ycavirp.

Local- & Session-Storage

In order to ensure a state-of-the-art and user-friendly experience while visiting our website, user-specific entries (for example cookies) are stored in the so-called, local storage or session storage of the browser. These are cryptographically secure identification numbers, generated by our web servers, allowing a login on our website and enabling a recognition on a renewed visit to our website.

When the user is logged on, his personal data (e.g., registration data and ordered product package) are temporarily stored in the local storage. These are deleted during logging out.

You have the option to remove existing entries and cookies from the local or session storage with your browser. For more information about these features, refer to your browser's documentation or help file.

We would like to emphasize that you can only use our website to a limited extent by excluding the use of cookies.


We provide certain services in cooperation with third parties. We have carefully selected these service providers and took appropriate measures to protect your personal data.

Settlement of payments

In order to process payments, the attended payment service provider requires some details, such as your name or the address of the ordering company. This data is given to the payment service provider by us, or by your input into a special data entry screen. In principle, the data transmitted from us to the payment service provider corresponds to the data collected from you for the respective order.

Support and sales

As far as we provide support for our website and the data platform in cooperation with third parties, or the sales of our services is handled by third parties, we will forward your contact data, usage data and inquiries to these third parties, as far as this is necessary for handling this support and sales.

Transfer to other third parties

In addition, we may share your personal information to comply with applicable laws and regulations, or to respond to judicial / administrative orders, or to protect and defend our proprietary rights or ownership of data / information, or those of third parties, including the supervision and enforcement of the provisions contained in the terms of use. Unless prohibited by law, we will inform you as soon as possible needing to pass on any of your personal data.

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In principle we retain your personal data as long as necessary to provide you with the services of our website. It may be necessary to keep some of your personal data for a longer period of time, for example for tax purposes or to comply with legal retention requirements. In this case, we will ensure that throughout the entire period your personal data is treated according this Privacy Policy.


Contained within our website is a tracking code provided by Lead Forensics. This code enables Lead Forensics to track activity on the website and provide us with information on the IP address of the requesting computer, the date and duration of the user’s visit, and the web pages which the user visits. The Lead Forensics tool uses IP tracking for identifying businesses and is not the same as cookies. The Lead Forensics tracking code only provides information that is readily available in the public domain. It does not, and cannot, provide individual, personal or sensitive data regarding who has visited our website. It provides information on what companies have visited our website by identifying them from their IP address. This data may be used by us to contact the business about their experience or for marketing purposes. We will not pass this data to third parties for any reason. More information can be found at If you would like to opt-out of this tracking, please do so using the link provided:

Opt-out from Leadforensics tracking


In accordance with the legal regulations, you are entitled to:

demand information on what personal data we collect and save prohibit to the use of your personal data request the correction or deletion of incorrect personal data, unless we are obliged to keep them, demand information to whom we are passing your personal data on to and lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority. For further information, please contact: ikiw.smarba@ycavirp.

Revocation, deletion and blocking may have the effect that certain services and functionalities of the website can no longer be made available.


We reserve the right to change our privacy policy if necessary. The updated privacy policy is published on our website. Please check the page regularly. Subject to the legislation in force, all amendments will enter into force as soon as the updated privacy policy is published. As far as legally required, we will also inform you on any major changes to our privacy policy and ask for your approval.