More than 50 consulting, marketing, design and IT specialists work for ABRAMS.wiki


The ABRAMS Group wins 1st place of the coveted "Insights to Action" award at the CiMi.CON Evolution - Europe's leading conference for corporate intelligence professionals


Registration of a branch office of inigma LLC in Hamburg/Germany.

  • Based in Germany for customer support in Germany/Europe (multilingual customer support with offices in Hamburg and Osnabrück)
  • Market launch of the knowledge portal under the brand name ABRAMS world trade wiki (www.abrams.wiki).

Foundation of inigma LLC (founding state: Delaware/USA, US headquarters: New York):

  • Basis for the development of a worldwide operating knowledge portal for trade data as a partner, e.g. of the United Nations UN, New York/USA
  • headquarters in the USA for the support of customers in North America
  • Originally the portal was to be called INIGMA world trade wiki: Due to a brand conflict this was rejected, there is still the remaining forwarding of the original URL (www.inigma.wiki)

International industry and trade background: ABRAMS Engineering Services GmbH & Co. KG, headquarters: Osnabrück/Germany (www.abrams.de)

Founder and managing partner: Dr. Jürgen Abrams