In an exciting turn of events, we have initiated a significant cooperation with the Turkish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TD-IHK). This partnership marks a decisive step forward in connecting two leading institutions in the field of international trade.

Mid of Med Izmir 2024

Mid of Med - Partnership Turkish-German Chamber Industry and Commerce: A synergy of two giants

TD-IHK brings its deep-rooted expertise and extensive network in the Turkish and German business worlds. It provides a solid platform for companies wishing to operate in these dynamic markets and supports its members with valuable services such as market information, networking events and advisory services. The aim is to promote bilateral trade and investment between Turkey and Germany.

Meanwhile, ABRAMS world trade wiki, as a leading business intelligence platform, is revolutionizing how companies access and use data. With access to over 500 million shipments from 193 countries, combined with other data sources such as the UN Comtrade Database, ABRAMS offers unparalleled transparency in global trade. Companies can view detailed import and export data, analyze market trends, discover new suppliers and secure competitive advantages.

Mid of Med Izmir 2024

A milestone for Turkish-German Chamber: Opening up new horizons together

Through the cooperation with the TD-IHK, its members can benefit from ABRAMS' comprehensive database and advanced analysis tools. This opens up new opportunities for companies to optimize their supply chains, make better sourcing decisions and explore new markets. At the same time, ABRAMS can expand its network and make its services available to a wider audience, especially in the thriving Turkish and German markets.

This cooperation is a significant step forward for all parties involved and a clear signal of the importance of data and networks in today's globalized economy. TD-IHK members can look forward to improved market knowledge, expanded business opportunities and stronger competitive positions. In return, ABRAMS benefits from TD-IHK's in-depth market knowledge and established network.

Mid of Med Izmir 2024

Turkish-German Partnership with ABRAMS world trade wiki: A look into the future

Together, the two organizations will play an even more important role in supporting and promoting bilateral trade between Turkey and Germany. We look forward to working together and the many benefits this partnership will bring to our members and the wider business community.

The future of global trade looks brighter than ever with such innovative partnerships. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!