Ability to Act during the Pandemic

Traveling has always been a central part of doing business internationally. Business partners were meeting in person to connect and discuss future business. Unfortunately this is all impossible now during the ongoing global pandemic. Communication could be upheld through videocalls though the lack of the usual exchange of information is undeniable. Therefore, actionable information is essential to regain the upper hand.

Immeasurable Mass of Data (Unrelenting data generation)

Nevertheless, with these challenges, new opportunities emerge, as even during the pandemic, the amount of global data doubles every two years. The unstoppable generation of big data forms the basis for the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” where interconnection and data play a major role across all industries. Consequently challenging entrepreneurs to turn data into actionable knowledge.

Turn data into Actionable Knowledge with ABRAMS.wiki

Global trade data have become a central aspect of crisis management in world trade, at the same time entrepreneurs are facing many questions:

  • How do I get the necessary transparency to understand processes in my supply chain?
  • How do I find reliable suppliers when I am unable to inspect goods before delivery?
  • Do I know my customers? Do I know what happens to my exports and will my customers still purchase in the future?

With billions of records of processed trade data and specialized tools, ABRAMS.wiki provides actionable knowledge, offering a way out of this crises.

Map of company locations

Conquer Crises with ABRAMS.wiki

Tool of the future is Business Intelligence software as a service, based on World trade data.

Use state of the art tools like our “helicopter view” to visit virtually any location on the planet to explore production plants, headoffices or subsidiaries of potential business partners with just one mouseclick.

Learn more about the innovative solutions of ABRAMS world trade wiki.